Dragonborn Barbarian


Female Dragonborn
age: 27
Religion: Unaligned – Kord


Hatched the second child of Donaar (father) and Alenna (mother), she grew quickly into her fighting class life. She comes from an ancient line of skillful and brutal combatants that live for battle. Trained from the time of her hatching, she favours the two-handed battle axe. Her weapon, forged for her time of Proving as a gift from her father, is called Arkhosia’s Hope. It is named for the ancient Dragonborn Empire, Arkhosia.

A relentless fighter, she is more reserved when it comes to battles of the mind. She is very honest, and upfront. Honor and strength of spirit are morals she holds in high regard, and can easily respect those that share in these persuits. She is, however, impatient when an encounter is at hand, and cannot wait to throw herself (sometimes literally) into the fray.

Another token of her training is a necklace of teeth she collected from her fellow Proving participants, as a reminder of her past.

She has done some mercenary work for the army of Dalghast.

After spending some time traveling with the Adventurer’s, her duties to her family called her back to fight in the Dragonborn War. She departed from the company.


Alterre Narshe