Day 9 - Kobold`s Ho!

5am – The Heroes arrive at the Outskirts of the Kobold camp. A short distance away a clutter of tents can be seen perched on top of the bedrock. It is important to establish camp on the rocks to avoid sandworm attack at night. The tents are made of found objects, bones and sinews, and the hides of slain enemies. A small group of the inhabitant can been seen milling around the camp. A small fire is in the centre of the camp, and the crates full of supplies can been seen just beyond the tents.

The Heroes approach, and are greeted by a Kobold that is larger than the rest. He looks up to Salisbury and says, “Me Chief Grizzle Fang-paw. What you want?”

Salisbury responds, “We would like to see any wares you have for trade.”

Grizzle shouts, “you tell me, you want to steal from family? You wish to make my children go hungry?”

Salisbury, a little confused, says “uhhhh, no, we would like to trade you.”

Grizzle says, “Me cut you deal, use one of our Cow beasts as bait to lure a sand wormy out. Kill big bad wormy bring its husks, and me give you half our wares… deal yes? …… Be warned that the wormy is very powerful and may smash your bones to many pieces SQUISH! Gwahahaha”

The Heroes step aside to discuss their options, and decide to accept the task of helping the Kobolds with their Sandworm problem. They collect the Cowbeast from the makeshift stable the Kobolds have, and set off into the desert to find their ideal trap location.

Salisbury volunteers to sacrifice the cowbeast, and hacks off a leg. The rest look on. The cowbeast wails in agony, it’s blood pouring out, darkening the sand. A rumbling and shifting of the ground under it, signalling the arrival of a sandworm. It emerges, breaching the sand with a ferious leap. It lands on top of the cowbeast, devouring it. Vytall, Salisbury and Cenecia rush forward, and Vytall smashes it with an iron fist. This kills it immediately. Slightly confused, the heroes wonder what the problem with killing one would be, until another, larger rumbling is felt. A Hair-raising screech pierces the air, and a Giant Sandworm emerges. Apparently they killed one of it’s offspring, and it is angered. It strikes, and a great battle ensues!

Cenecia, Vytall and Salisbury are swallowed in the fray. Salisbury’s Enormous strength shatters the Sandworm’s throat, and they fly through the Air, landing majestically, and safely away from the Worm, Salisbury carrying Vytall and Cenecia on his shoulders. Suffering more damage from the party, and the ongoing bleeding damage from its annihilated throat, the Sandworm Mother dies. The Heroes make camp, and skin the worm.



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