Day 8 - A few Days pass...

Day 8

You wake up in Dahl, however it is different. The entire town has been destroyed. Almost everyone is gone. The only survivors are X-9, who is in shambles at the moment, and Howard Price, the cart vendor. The engineers who could fix X-9 are no where to be found.
The heroes decide to the start rebuilding Dahl. They are establishing a new town, the first building made from the rubble is an Inn. This newly formed building is 1 storey with 10 beds. This is a great start to establishing a new home base. With the new start, a new Name: “*******************” They call the new inn “The Wizard’s Sleeve”. It also has the added bonus of generating revenue to improve the town. This currency is used within the town, but can be converted into gold. The next order of business would be to get the shop up an running.

Night – Rock and Vyiet, who do not sleep, are standing watch at the Inn. The rest of the party is sleeping. Suddenly there is a noise outside that alarms the watchmen. Rock alerts the slumbering heroes by clapping, and they arise to investigate.
Looking outside, they are greeted by a towering figure. Horns, hooves and dark fur are the first impressions gathered from the mountain of beef. He addresses Vyiet directly, and says:

Salisbury – “I am here to arrest you. I am to bring you in for questioning”
Vyiet – “No, I don’t think so”
Salisbury – “I’m going to ask you nicely one time. Come with me. I’ve been sent by Kinesh, the Capital of Dalgrast. You are to come with me, now”
Dlareme – “Uhhhh, if you want help, you know, dragging her out of here, I can help you out”
Vyiet – “ I have done nothing to be taken away in this manner”

The figure unsheathes his weapon, a mountainous Great Axe. “I really do not want to hurt you, but if I have to I must” He battle readies.

Cenecia “If we have to fight you, we must. You are not taking her”

Dlareme decides to not fight, and instead takes on a ‘cheerleading’ role’

Battle ensures. Blows are exchanged left and right, til a crackling is heard. It’s from Salisbury’s communicator. You hear a familiar, yet unnamed voice that says, “Salisbury, your services re no longer required. The credits that were added to your account were removed.” This information causes the Minotaur to step back, and sheath his weapon, saying “Well, now I don’t have to bring you in. Let us stop fighting, and have a drink instead.”

Embarrassed over the meagre state of the Inn, the heroes explain their situation and intentions. Salisbury decides to join with the heroes in their reconnaissance and retrieval mission to the Kobold camp.



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