Day 4 - End of the Line

The group travels back toward Dahl. Perry, Dlareme and Cenecia have regained consciousness as they were traveling on Lanaia’s magic disc. Ahead, a small silver shiny object is seen on the ground. Lanaia uses her knowledge of Arcana to investigate the object. She recognises a large keyring, and upon lifting it up, they glow blue in her hand. It posses amazing Divine magic, and is not cursed.

Weary, the travellers arrive back in town. They encounter X-9, and he lets them know that Harp left for Midgar to speak to Tychon Silver, the High Archmage. He has left the village completely unguarded in his absence.

Vytall gives the wormroot to Vyiet, and she crafts a potion to save Rocky Gizmo. Unfortunately, she made a mistake (or did she….) and it transforms her into the Holiday Chupcabra.

Lanaia and Perry are concerned about Vyiet’s mindset. They go back to the church to consult with a higher power. They explain the situation to the priest there, detailing all of her memory gaps, and mood swings. The priest requests that Vyiet is brought to the church to receive “treatment”,The to cure her of her curse.
Vyiet leaves the chamber, apparently cured. Lanaia explains “ The entities that were possessing you, and there were entities inside of you, have been excised. They have been removed and transported to the proper places. They are back where they should be.”

Vyiet – “Why are your explanations so vague?”

Lanaia – “There are some things that are best kept secret.”

Vyiet – “ Why is there so much change in your pocket….”



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