Day 4 cont'd - Big Changes

Akta takes leave of the party. She must return to her home country to assist in a war against… something cool. Estelle is no where to be found, left in the cave? Vytall realizes that there’s a problem with Ruth, and must go to the desert to slay 8 catus’.

10pm. – Perry decides to gather more information about the Kobold camp. He consults “Old Man Weathers”, a local old man. He says “Kobold camps are on a 30 day cycle. They establish a camp; hunt, pillage and forage; and then they move on. It’s also very unusual that they are in the desert.” Perry thanks the man for his information and time, and gives him a silver piece.

Perry then retires to his workshop – He sees a note on the bed, from Gizmo. “Dear Perry, I need your help. The Holiday chupacabra has taken my body and is doing terrible things to it. If you are ever in Midgar, come and save me!!!!! PEEEEEERRRRYYY!!!!”

Cenecia goes to the bar, and tries to buy a drink. She fails so miserably that the barkeep not only refuses, but sends her picture to all of the bars in the world to warn them about this underager.

5am – The Adventurer’s meet in the centre of town. They decide that the best course of action would be to go to the Wizard’s Tower, and then go to the Kobold camp on the way back to Dahl. They travel the desert for 15 hours, arriving at a suitable rock to make camp around 8pm. Perry asks the Group, “Does anyone know anything about this Tycon Silver character?” but gets no information in return. He seems like everyone is on the same page.

They arrive out of the desert at the Wizard Tower. It is a huge, spiralling piller, reaching up to the heavens. This tower is the centre of Wizard Operations for the region. By channelling the power of the tower, Wizards can send messages to other wizards across vast distances. The door to the tower has been broken in. Upon further investigation, Cenecia determines that there are no tracks coming from the desert, but rather there are tracks from the Grass. There do not seem to be runes of either warding or destruction around the tower. Also, there is no residual magic coming from the door, showing that it was the victim of physical damage, possibly form a balista?

- Dlareme trips and injure’s his ankle, causing him to walk a little slower.
Rock uses a cantrip to see if there is anyone in the front hall. He sends the sound of footsteps, but there is no response.
Immediately inside, the floor, walls and furniture is covered in blood. Looking around, they see that, aside from the blood, this would be a high class place – Bookshelves full of ancient tomes line the walls, comfortable couches and well used tables.
They come across a pile of bodies, and immediately recognize them as Midgar Soldiers. Also, there is evidence that they were killed by magic. Suddenly, the magic wielders feel an overwhelming sense of “doom/ dread”. This hampers their ability to Use magic.
The adventurers concern is apparent, and they decide to press on further up the tower. Rock sends an update to X-9 to let the town of Dahl know what’s happening here, and also to let the stragglers know of the situation.
Pressing forward, Perry leads and stakes stock of the next room, seeing every detail in an instant. The staircase they are on winds sharply, hugging the curve of the tower. They can see the bodies of 3 dead Wizards, and a bookshelf to the left. There is not as much blood on this floor. The bookshelf is incredibly bare, unlike the shelves of the previous floor. There is, however, no way at this point to determine exactly what tomes are missing.
They discover on the bodies; 3 minor healing potions (1d20 healing on self or 1d10 healing on ally) and the Cloak of Whispers item.
Moving to more defensible positions in the room, Rock uses another cantrip, this time the sounds of sword strikes coming from the staircase coming up. However the cantrip’s trick doesn’t work. They hear from above, “Don’t let those mages fool you boys! They’re trying their mage trickery!”
They travel up the stair and can see they owner of the call; Midgar Soldiers. The soldiers are looking toward the stair leading to upper floors of the tower. Apparently the soldiers believe that the mages are attempting a trap from above. They also see the source of magic dampening; A glowing yellow glyph in the middle of the room. The closer that they get toward the glyph, the more the dampening effect.
He remarks “Tycon is going to get away with the Artifact. I don’t have time for this” and he takes off most of his armor. His chest ripples with taught muscles, and his skin is tanned and scarred. They fight, and Perry deals the killing blow. The group takes his cool loots.

The adventurers swill potions in an attempt to recover from the battle.

The third floor is smaller then the other two floors, in the centre of the room lying on the floor is the first living Wizard in the tower, She is very badly wounded, when the heroes approach, she will introduce herself as Grand wizard Jill Silhouette of the Wizard council.

She then says, “ Tycon Silver the half orc Arch Magus of Midgar arrived here not but many days ago, in attempts to relinquish us of one of our ancient artifacts left by the old gods. I managed to hold them off, for a while however Tycon used a weapon built by the ancients that dampened all of our magic, making it all but ease to climb the tower. He is here for one of the 9 pieces of the artifact known as the key of salvation.

Millions of years ago after losing their planet to a war much like the one we are fighting right now , the old gods came to this planet from the stars, looking for a place to call home *cough blood…. upon arriving here the old gods were not aware that they brought the undead creatures know as the plague carriers along with them. For years the old gods fought the plague carriers in attempt to redeem themselves for their past sins and to protect this new planet they called home. They created a Nano-virus known as the Sar-ahlora in hopes to quell the plague carriers. This solution worked at first but, the Sar-ahlora began to adapt and evolve they no longer obeyed the old gods and began infecting the planet, slowly consuming it.

The old gods were losing the fight against the Sar-ahlora, until they created the weapon known as key of salvation, it was a weapon capable of re-writing the Sar-ahloras code and allowing them indefinitely to be controlled, however it came at a price the weapon causes huge mental strain to its user.

After getting control of a sar-ahlora, the old gods caused the destruction of the species . The old gods spent thousands of years hunting the Sar-ahlora, they hardly rested, their bodies weak, they began to go insane. They felt it is was a sacrifice they were willing to make, to prevent them from causing Alterre to suffer the same fate as their home. The old gods knew it was only a matter of time until they went completely insane, they felt this weapon would do nothing but cause a burden on Alterre and its people so they divided the device into 9 pieces and each of them took a piece to a secret location on Alterre where they lost their sanity and remain protecting the artifact.

Hear this strangers, Midgar and Dalgast are in the midst of taking this planet over, they wish to recreate the key of salvation to gain the advantage over the other country. You must stop this at all costs. You need to discover the locations on the artifacts and find them before Dalgast or Midgar. In order to collect the artifact you must destroy the insane old god protecting it. Tycon has the artifact, that was sealed here, you must go to the top floor and stop him before its to late hurry heroes."

Taking too much damage from her wounds, she dies.

They travel for the next 5 floors, but there us nothing of interest.

Top of tower: Tycon Silver is making his escape Via Airship. They were boarding when the heroes emerged at the top of the tower. Dlareme calls “Wizard!”, and they turn. Tycon eyes the heroes, but does not attack. Cenecia says “Tycon, we are with you, Death to Dalghast”, but she was totally bluffing. Tycon trusts the lie and replie, “Good, when you get back to Golbarad( Capital of Midgar) and talk to Dolgo to enlist”.
They ask “How did you defeat the Old God?” Tycon – “When you touch the Artifact, the Old God emerges. When you defeat it, the Old God can come under your control.” Vyiet: “Was it Hard?” Tycon – “I barely broke a sweat”

Tycon then more closely inspects the heroes. He sees Rock, and says “Wait, I know you. Do not go after any artifacts. You are directly linked to the Old Gods.”

He then says “I grow weary of this”. He casts an icy spell, that locks everyone in a block of Ice. He then says “Suffer the Wrath of the Old Gods! I AM THE SYNDONIAN GOD, MADROSS!” He raises his hand, and a Lightening ball rockets out. It hits the Heroes, dealing incredible and terrible damage. Everyone, for all intents and purposes are dead.


And then, Light. The heroes are in a lighted place, all together. They look around and see a dwarf. He says, “Hello Heroes. My name is Sherbert Frostbeard. I am and Old God, and you will be forced to kill me. You need to get all 9 pieces of the Key, and keep it out of the hands of Dalghast and Midgar. Your first task should be to steal back the artifact from Midgar, or to seek out another piece.”

Turning to Rock he says “You were created by Alghast, my cousin. He made you to save the world.”

He then raises his hand, and blinding light emerges, enveloping the heroes.

They reappear in Dahl, alive, but different. (Multi-class feat is awarded).



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