Day 3.5 - Bounty Cave cont'd

The group makes their way forward toward the noise. Vytall rounds the corner, and sees ahead a soldier-like person. He is unaware of the presence of the group, until Dlareme whispers, quite loudly, to Lance “Is that one of them?”. The soldier hears the low shouts of the drunken elf, and whips around. It is easy to see now that he is more than meets the eye. Mechanical parts whirl within the monstrosity, and protrude from all over his body. Two mechanical arms are his most menacing feature, aside from the face. Now alerted to the presence of the group, he looks ready to strike. He presses a button on a device in his hand, causing an explosion in the main chamber, which damages the group, and the surrounding walls. As the dust settles, an artifact is revealed, glittering gold.

Lance calls “We cannot let them reach the elevator. If they do, it will destroy us all”.

Vyiet picks up the artifact before performing any kind of check, and it seems to have dire consequences. The artifact glows blindingly bright, slamming her in the “face” and then disappears. A flicker of change passes over Vyiet’s “face”, and an apparent battle of the mind ensues. Appearing to be, physically unscathed, she is not entirely as she was.

Vytall is suddenly grabbed by the Mecha-man, and pulled in to close combat. Using as much strength as he can muster, Vytall “hulks” out of the arms, cracking them at the joints in the process, and slams the man into the ground.

The Mecha-man leaps up, and immediately strikes out, grabbing onto Cenecia, and Viciously pulled her in, causing grievous wounds. Because of the attack, Vytalls’ mark rebounds the damage, and causes the Mecha-man the same amount of damage. This causes him to become bloodied, and he sprays acid blood into toward the group, hitting everyone in melee range. Cenecia cries out, tears streaming down her loli face, and the Mecha-man is unmoved. He, however, attempt to throw Cenecia down the hole behind him, but trips. He throw Cenecia clear of the hole, and toppled down himself. He lands in the hole that Perry and Estelle fell down in the explosion. Rock leaps ahead, and throws a magic missile after the Mecha-man, and he hits him full in the chest, causing him to explode, Old-style. His acid blood sprays the wall, and it cases crevaces to appear on the wall. Perry now has the opportunity to climb up them for ease of escape. Lanaia throws a rope down to Perry to help with the climb, and he nimbly, and deftly ascends the slope.

Vytall proceeds ahead, but does not look before he “leaps”. He steps onto a section of flooring that is covered in Glyphs. A grinding sound is heard, and to the left to the “T” corridor, a passage opens up to a hidden room. To the right, a bridge. He then gets off th the Glyph, and the hidden passage to the left disappears.

Meanwhile, Vyiet looks around, dazed. She says “How did I get here, where am I?” Lanaia replies, explaining that she had moved with the group. She then asks Vyiet about her experience with the artifact. She then changes her tune, and turns into a freakin bitch, snapping on Dlareme, and Lanaia.

Impatiently, Lance proceeds ahead, saying “Enough, we do not have time for this.” He takes the right passage. Disappearing into the darkness, a scream is heard. Proceeding with apparent caution, Dlareme, Perry and Vyiet “sneak” into the room ahead. They’re not as graceful as they think they are, and alert the persons in the room. One stabs Lance in the stomach, and then turn to the hall, running and screaming, brandishing swords. The other two in the room join the fray, and battle begins!

~ Attacks are exchanged back and forth on the front line: ~
Cenecia attempts to get into the action directly, by sliding through Dlareme’s legs, and kciks the shins of the attacker in front of her, doing damage to him.
Perry attempts to bull rush an attacker out of the way, but critically fumbles, and is stabbed in the stomach. He doubles over in pain.
Vyiet teleports forward into the room, and attacks the caster, opening herself up to attack, but gaining ground. She misses the attack, but opens room in the hall.
Lanaia cautiously moves forward, and casts a healing spell, mending Perry’s wounds.
Akta flying leaps over Perry, attempting to land on the enemy in front of him. Her leap is successful, but her attack is parried, and she is pushed back.
The Swordsman stabs with the spear, critically attacking Cenecia, and through her, Dlareme. Dlareme falls to the floor in death throws. More damage is thrown out to multiple people.
Vytall tries to get to the front by passing Perry and Akta. He is stopped because of Perry’s inability to get out of the way. Even slamming a potion into Perry’s chest did not motivate him.
Vyiet, startled, looks around and picks a target: The Mage. She reaches to grab, but misses, and falls to the ground.
Lanaia heals Dlareme, stabalizing his wounds.
Akta totally sucks, and her attacks, which are supposed to be awesome, just can’t be effective.
Vytall somehow manages to stomp wind back at the Caster. What a mountain of Manliness.
Rock casts the same goddamn spell, and for some reason it works!
Vyiet suddenly loses control, and flies toward Dlareme. She lays a hand on him, and drains his health (1 point) permanently. Lanaia assumes that she is helping, and disregards the action. She is seemingly being controlled from an outside force.
The Swordsman raises his sword to Lance, but Perry interrupts the attack, pushing the swordsman back, his sword striking the ground harmlessly.
Rock moves forward to get into range, and tells Vyiet to cease what she’s doing. She looks at Rock, and he notices that her eyes are glowing with an eerie Red. Knowing that something is amiss, he fires a magic missile at her, but is does nothing.
Dlareme wakes up, but terrifyingly screams, alerting everyone to his situation.

Combat ends, and Lance is mortally wounded. Skittering can be heard climbing up the walls. He turns to the group, blood pouring out of his wounds and mouth, and says “e need to get out of here and prevent them from escaping. It must be done at all cost.” He then removes a device and sets a timer. He then turns to Akta and says “The answer lies in the old gods”. The group then makes a hasty retreat out of the cave. A gigantic explosion goes off, destroying both the mine, cave and much of the surrounding area. Any hope of finding the “X” is gone.

Lanaia engages Vyiet in casual conversation, questioning her encounter with Dlareme, and her motivations. A simple exchange turns hostile when Vyiet’s mood changes. Lanaia does no back down. Rock steps in, trying to ease the situation, but it does not go well. She suddenly changes, eyes glowing red. She strides up to Lanaia, and presses her coinpurse into Lanaia’s hand, saying “I can be useful”.



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