Day 10 - Away we go!

Day 10 – The heroes arrive back at the Kobold camp. Perry Huffy appears, and explains his absence. “I was gone for so long. I woke up, and made my way back to Dahl. Then I decided to come seek you out.”

Dlareme says to the Kobold king, “Hey little buddy, we’ve returned with the husk”. The king replies, “ohh thank you!” He draws back the flap of a tent and says, “your reward is in here. 5 crates”. Salisbury strides forward and takes a crate.
Vyiet tries to negotiate for more crates; She secures a deal for 6 crates. Dlareme uses flattery on the kobold chieftain, and moves the final offer up to 7 crates. The deal is made, and the heroes take the 7 crates and leave. They head back to Dahl.

They drop the crates off for Howard Price. He says, “Well, it’s not 10 crates, but everyone needs to start somewhere”. He takes the goods and begins to set up his shop.

The group is in the Bar. Suddenly, there is a noise from the door. A man walks in, broken shackles on his wrists. He is tall, dark and mysterious. Blue runes glimmer He walks to the bar and orders and ale. The barkeep obliges, and he drinks.

Salisbury and Vyiet move forward to question him. He replies, “My name is Father Kieran Locke. I was a prisoner of Dalgrast. I was wrongfully accused of murder, and so I was thrown in prison to rot. I was the leader of the church of Bahamut in Praine. The mayor was possessed by a demon, and I tried to exorcise it. The demon was expelled, but the mayor died in the process. I was accused of treason, and was arrested. I was then to be transferred to Kinesh, the capital city of Dalgrast, to be executed. I escaped from the prison transport, and fled to the desert.

I leave behind a Daughter, Elizabeth. She is but 5 years old. I need to find her once more, and rescue her. I believe that she has been taken by the guards of Praine, and brought to the prison for holding.”

Cenecia says, “Well, we are but a small town starting out. What we need is reliable people to help establish our town. If we assist you, would you be willing to help us?”

Locke says, “If you can help me, then I will do one better. For saving my daughter, I will build you a church of Bahamut, myself, with my bare hands.”

The group decides that Praine is a good next stop. They collect supplies from the salesman, and set out from Dahl.

Later that night, after exiting the desert the heroes set up camp. Introductions go around, and they discuss strategy. Locke reveals that they need to make haste. His daughter is in custody, and will likely be sold as a slave. The price of a slave is $$500. Pooling all of their resources, the heroes just don’t have enough. However, the fighting tournament that is happening in Praine has a prize of $$500. If they win, they can buy the daughter outright. The tournament requires teams of 3, and it’s a fight to the death.
There is also a sewer system that leads in the city. They may be able to break into the prison from underneath, however the sewer is quite small. Vytall and Salisbury would not fit.
The third option lies in the tournament, but in a different way. All of the guards will more than likely want to attend, and so the prison will be guarded by mercenaries. If the heroes disguise themselves as mercs, there’s a chance that they could be the guards, and just take the daughter.

It seems that, because of the size of the party, an “attack” on 3 fronts would be best. Salisbury, Cenecia and Vytall, hungry for battle and blood, are inclined to join the tournament. Rock cannot pose as a mercenary, as robots have been outlawed from that profession. Therefore, Rock and Locke decide to make their way to the prison in the sewers. The rest – Dlareme, Vyiet and Perry – decide to pose as mercenaries to make their way into to city.

Day 11

The heroes set out. They are travelling through the valley of a mountain path when Salisbury hears the sound of rumbling. The trees begin to fall over and a giant boulder is thrown in front of the party. The party readys for combat as Dlareme begins to puke. A hill troll appears in front of the party and SHOUTS LEAVE MY VALLEY AT ONCE. AS HE BEGINS TO HURL ROCKS AT THE PARTY. Salisbury runs into combat with the raging might of a minotaur. They battle, blows being exchanged back and forth. The tide of battle shifts in favour of the party, and seeing the battle as hopeless, the Hill Giant makes a hasty retreat.

They forge ahead, and end up at a river. The water rages in a torrent downstream. It is approximately 30 feet across, and about 7 feet deep. Because of the power of the flow, building a raft will result in being brought far downstream, and making your way back to this point will take a day’s travel. Salisbury volunteers to get across. He ties a rope around himself and makes his way down to the river’s edge. He begins to make his way across, making it almost all the way, but then slips on the bottom of the river, and the rope hooks on a sharp rock, splitting it. He leaps, and grabs onto a large rock. Clinging on for dear life.

Perry attempts to make a bridge out of the wood. Rock sends the rope back over to Salisbury using a cantrip. He successfully extends his magic to the limit, and Salisbury makes it the rest of the way across. He secures the rope to a tree, and others make their way across. Vyiet and Dlareme go over. Vytall follows. Perry is still building a bridge, with Rock’s assistance. Rock gives up, and wraps his legs to the rope, expelling magical force to propel himself across.

Perry has now completed the bridge. Perry tries to get across the river smashes off a rock grabs a snake and gets blasted with energy but he finally makes it out of the river.



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