Day 10 - Away we go!

Day 10 – The heroes arrive back at the Kobold camp. Perry Huffy appears, and explains his absence. “I was gone for so long. I woke up, and made my way back to Dahl. Then I decided to come seek you out.”

Dlareme says to the Kobold king, “Hey little buddy, we’ve returned with the husk”. The king replies, “ohh thank you!” He draws back the flap of a tent and says, “your reward is in here. 5 crates”. Salisbury strides forward and takes a crate.
Vyiet tries to negotiate for more crates; She secures a deal for 6 crates. Dlareme uses flattery on the kobold chieftain, and moves the final offer up to 7 crates. The deal is made, and the heroes take the 7 crates and leave. They head back to Dahl.

They drop the crates off for Howard Price. He says, “Well, it’s not 10 crates, but everyone needs to start somewhere”. He takes the goods and begins to set up his shop.

The group is in the Bar. Suddenly, there is a noise from the door. A man walks in, broken shackles on his wrists. He is tall, dark and mysterious. Blue runes glimmer He walks to the bar and orders and ale. The barkeep obliges, and he drinks.

Salisbury and Vyiet move forward to question him. He replies, “My name is Father Kieran Locke. I was a prisoner of Dalgrast. I was wrongfully accused of murder, and so I was thrown in prison to rot. I was the leader of the church of Bahamut in Praine. The mayor was possessed by a demon, and I tried to exorcise it. The demon was expelled, but the mayor died in the process. I was accused of treason, and was arrested. I was then to be transferred to Kinesh, the capital city of Dalgrast, to be executed. I escaped from the prison transport, and fled to the desert.

I leave behind a Daughter, Elizabeth. She is but 5 years old. I need to find her once more, and rescue her. I believe that she has been taken by the guards of Praine, and brought to the prison for holding.”

Cenecia says, “Well, we are but a small town starting out. What we need is reliable people to help establish our town. If we assist you, would you be willing to help us?”

Locke says, “If you can help me, then I will do one better. For saving my daughter, I will build you a church of Bahamut, myself, with my bare hands.”

The group decides that Praine is a good next stop. They collect supplies from the salesman, and set out from Dahl.

Later that night, after exiting the desert the heroes set up camp. Introductions go around, and they discuss strategy. Locke reveals that they need to make haste. His daughter is in custody, and will likely be sold as a slave. The price of a slave is $$500. Pooling all of their resources, the heroes just don’t have enough. However, the fighting tournament that is happening in Praine has a prize of $$500. If they win, they can buy the daughter outright. The tournament requires teams of 3, and it’s a fight to the death.
There is also a sewer system that leads in the city. They may be able to break into the prison from underneath, however the sewer is quite small. Vytall and Salisbury would not fit.
The third option lies in the tournament, but in a different way. All of the guards will more than likely want to attend, and so the prison will be guarded by mercenaries. If the heroes disguise themselves as mercs, there’s a chance that they could be the guards, and just take the daughter.

It seems that, because of the size of the party, an “attack” on 3 fronts would be best. Salisbury, Cenecia and Vytall, hungry for battle and blood, are inclined to join the tournament. Rock cannot pose as a mercenary, as robots have been outlawed from that profession. Therefore, Rock and Locke decide to make their way to the prison in the sewers. The rest – Dlareme, Vyiet and Perry – decide to pose as mercenaries to make their way into to city.

Day 11

The heroes set out. They are travelling through the valley of a mountain path when Salisbury hears the sound of rumbling. The trees begin to fall over and a giant boulder is thrown in front of the party. The party readys for combat as Dlareme begins to puke. A hill troll appears in front of the party and SHOUTS LEAVE MY VALLEY AT ONCE. AS HE BEGINS TO HURL ROCKS AT THE PARTY. Salisbury runs into combat with the raging might of a minotaur. They battle, blows being exchanged back and forth. The tide of battle shifts in favour of the party, and seeing the battle as hopeless, the Hill Giant makes a hasty retreat.

They forge ahead, and end up at a river. The water rages in a torrent downstream. It is approximately 30 feet across, and about 7 feet deep. Because of the power of the flow, building a raft will result in being brought far downstream, and making your way back to this point will take a day’s travel. Salisbury volunteers to get across. He ties a rope around himself and makes his way down to the river’s edge. He begins to make his way across, making it almost all the way, but then slips on the bottom of the river, and the rope hooks on a sharp rock, splitting it. He leaps, and grabs onto a large rock. Clinging on for dear life.

Perry attempts to make a bridge out of the wood. Rock sends the rope back over to Salisbury using a cantrip. He successfully extends his magic to the limit, and Salisbury makes it the rest of the way across. He secures the rope to a tree, and others make their way across. Vyiet and Dlareme go over. Vytall follows. Perry is still building a bridge, with Rock’s assistance. Rock gives up, and wraps his legs to the rope, expelling magical force to propel himself across.

Perry has now completed the bridge. Perry tries to get across the river smashes off a rock grabs a snake and gets blasted with energy but he finally makes it out of the river.

Day 9 - Kobold`s Ho!

5am – The Heroes arrive at the Outskirts of the Kobold camp. A short distance away a clutter of tents can be seen perched on top of the bedrock. It is important to establish camp on the rocks to avoid sandworm attack at night. The tents are made of found objects, bones and sinews, and the hides of slain enemies. A small group of the inhabitant can been seen milling around the camp. A small fire is in the centre of the camp, and the crates full of supplies can been seen just beyond the tents.

The Heroes approach, and are greeted by a Kobold that is larger than the rest. He looks up to Salisbury and says, “Me Chief Grizzle Fang-paw. What you want?”

Salisbury responds, “We would like to see any wares you have for trade.”

Grizzle shouts, “you tell me, you want to steal from family? You wish to make my children go hungry?”

Salisbury, a little confused, says “uhhhh, no, we would like to trade you.”

Grizzle says, “Me cut you deal, use one of our Cow beasts as bait to lure a sand wormy out. Kill big bad wormy bring its husks, and me give you half our wares… deal yes? …… Be warned that the wormy is very powerful and may smash your bones to many pieces SQUISH! Gwahahaha”

The Heroes step aside to discuss their options, and decide to accept the task of helping the Kobolds with their Sandworm problem. They collect the Cowbeast from the makeshift stable the Kobolds have, and set off into the desert to find their ideal trap location.

Salisbury volunteers to sacrifice the cowbeast, and hacks off a leg. The rest look on. The cowbeast wails in agony, it’s blood pouring out, darkening the sand. A rumbling and shifting of the ground under it, signalling the arrival of a sandworm. It emerges, breaching the sand with a ferious leap. It lands on top of the cowbeast, devouring it. Vytall, Salisbury and Cenecia rush forward, and Vytall smashes it with an iron fist. This kills it immediately. Slightly confused, the heroes wonder what the problem with killing one would be, until another, larger rumbling is felt. A Hair-raising screech pierces the air, and a Giant Sandworm emerges. Apparently they killed one of it’s offspring, and it is angered. It strikes, and a great battle ensues!

Cenecia, Vytall and Salisbury are swallowed in the fray. Salisbury’s Enormous strength shatters the Sandworm’s throat, and they fly through the Air, landing majestically, and safely away from the Worm, Salisbury carrying Vytall and Cenecia on his shoulders. Suffering more damage from the party, and the ongoing bleeding damage from its annihilated throat, the Sandworm Mother dies. The Heroes make camp, and skin the worm.

Day 8 - A few Days pass...

Day 8

You wake up in Dahl, however it is different. The entire town has been destroyed. Almost everyone is gone. The only survivors are X-9, who is in shambles at the moment, and Howard Price, the cart vendor. The engineers who could fix X-9 are no where to be found.
The heroes decide to the start rebuilding Dahl. They are establishing a new town, the first building made from the rubble is an Inn. This newly formed building is 1 storey with 10 beds. This is a great start to establishing a new home base. With the new start, a new Name: “*******************” They call the new inn “The Wizard’s Sleeve”. It also has the added bonus of generating revenue to improve the town. This currency is used within the town, but can be converted into gold. The next order of business would be to get the shop up an running.

Night – Rock and Vyiet, who do not sleep, are standing watch at the Inn. The rest of the party is sleeping. Suddenly there is a noise outside that alarms the watchmen. Rock alerts the slumbering heroes by clapping, and they arise to investigate.
Looking outside, they are greeted by a towering figure. Horns, hooves and dark fur are the first impressions gathered from the mountain of beef. He addresses Vyiet directly, and says:

Salisbury – “I am here to arrest you. I am to bring you in for questioning”
Vyiet – “No, I don’t think so”
Salisbury – “I’m going to ask you nicely one time. Come with me. I’ve been sent by Kinesh, the Capital of Dalgrast. You are to come with me, now”
Dlareme – “Uhhhh, if you want help, you know, dragging her out of here, I can help you out”
Vyiet – “ I have done nothing to be taken away in this manner”

The figure unsheathes his weapon, a mountainous Great Axe. “I really do not want to hurt you, but if I have to I must” He battle readies.

Cenecia “If we have to fight you, we must. You are not taking her”

Dlareme decides to not fight, and instead takes on a ‘cheerleading’ role’

Battle ensures. Blows are exchanged left and right, til a crackling is heard. It’s from Salisbury’s communicator. You hear a familiar, yet unnamed voice that says, “Salisbury, your services re no longer required. The credits that were added to your account were removed.” This information causes the Minotaur to step back, and sheath his weapon, saying “Well, now I don’t have to bring you in. Let us stop fighting, and have a drink instead.”

Embarrassed over the meagre state of the Inn, the heroes explain their situation and intentions. Salisbury decides to join with the heroes in their reconnaissance and retrieval mission to the Kobold camp.

Day 4 cont'd - Big Changes

Akta takes leave of the party. She must return to her home country to assist in a war against… something cool. Estelle is no where to be found, left in the cave? Vytall realizes that there’s a problem with Ruth, and must go to the desert to slay 8 catus’.

10pm. – Perry decides to gather more information about the Kobold camp. He consults “Old Man Weathers”, a local old man. He says “Kobold camps are on a 30 day cycle. They establish a camp; hunt, pillage and forage; and then they move on. It’s also very unusual that they are in the desert.” Perry thanks the man for his information and time, and gives him a silver piece.

Perry then retires to his workshop – He sees a note on the bed, from Gizmo. “Dear Perry, I need your help. The Holiday chupacabra has taken my body and is doing terrible things to it. If you are ever in Midgar, come and save me!!!!! PEEEEEERRRRYYY!!!!”

Cenecia goes to the bar, and tries to buy a drink. She fails so miserably that the barkeep not only refuses, but sends her picture to all of the bars in the world to warn them about this underager.

5am – The Adventurer’s meet in the centre of town. They decide that the best course of action would be to go to the Wizard’s Tower, and then go to the Kobold camp on the way back to Dahl. They travel the desert for 15 hours, arriving at a suitable rock to make camp around 8pm. Perry asks the Group, “Does anyone know anything about this Tycon Silver character?” but gets no information in return. He seems like everyone is on the same page.

They arrive out of the desert at the Wizard Tower. It is a huge, spiralling piller, reaching up to the heavens. This tower is the centre of Wizard Operations for the region. By channelling the power of the tower, Wizards can send messages to other wizards across vast distances. The door to the tower has been broken in. Upon further investigation, Cenecia determines that there are no tracks coming from the desert, but rather there are tracks from the Grass. There do not seem to be runes of either warding or destruction around the tower. Also, there is no residual magic coming from the door, showing that it was the victim of physical damage, possibly form a balista?

- Dlareme trips and injure’s his ankle, causing him to walk a little slower.
Rock uses a cantrip to see if there is anyone in the front hall. He sends the sound of footsteps, but there is no response.
Immediately inside, the floor, walls and furniture is covered in blood. Looking around, they see that, aside from the blood, this would be a high class place – Bookshelves full of ancient tomes line the walls, comfortable couches and well used tables.
They come across a pile of bodies, and immediately recognize them as Midgar Soldiers. Also, there is evidence that they were killed by magic. Suddenly, the magic wielders feel an overwhelming sense of “doom/ dread”. This hampers their ability to Use magic.
The adventurers concern is apparent, and they decide to press on further up the tower. Rock sends an update to X-9 to let the town of Dahl know what’s happening here, and also to let the stragglers know of the situation.
Pressing forward, Perry leads and stakes stock of the next room, seeing every detail in an instant. The staircase they are on winds sharply, hugging the curve of the tower. They can see the bodies of 3 dead Wizards, and a bookshelf to the left. There is not as much blood on this floor. The bookshelf is incredibly bare, unlike the shelves of the previous floor. There is, however, no way at this point to determine exactly what tomes are missing.
They discover on the bodies; 3 minor healing potions (1d20 healing on self or 1d10 healing on ally) and the Cloak of Whispers item.
Moving to more defensible positions in the room, Rock uses another cantrip, this time the sounds of sword strikes coming from the staircase coming up. However the cantrip’s trick doesn’t work. They hear from above, “Don’t let those mages fool you boys! They’re trying their mage trickery!”
They travel up the stair and can see they owner of the call; Midgar Soldiers. The soldiers are looking toward the stair leading to upper floors of the tower. Apparently the soldiers believe that the mages are attempting a trap from above. They also see the source of magic dampening; A glowing yellow glyph in the middle of the room. The closer that they get toward the glyph, the more the dampening effect.
He remarks “Tycon is going to get away with the Artifact. I don’t have time for this” and he takes off most of his armor. His chest ripples with taught muscles, and his skin is tanned and scarred. They fight, and Perry deals the killing blow. The group takes his cool loots.

The adventurers swill potions in an attempt to recover from the battle.

The third floor is smaller then the other two floors, in the centre of the room lying on the floor is the first living Wizard in the tower, She is very badly wounded, when the heroes approach, she will introduce herself as Grand wizard Jill Silhouette of the Wizard council.

She then says, “ Tycon Silver the half orc Arch Magus of Midgar arrived here not but many days ago, in attempts to relinquish us of one of our ancient artifacts left by the old gods. I managed to hold them off, for a while however Tycon used a weapon built by the ancients that dampened all of our magic, making it all but ease to climb the tower. He is here for one of the 9 pieces of the artifact known as the key of salvation.

Millions of years ago after losing their planet to a war much like the one we are fighting right now , the old gods came to this planet from the stars, looking for a place to call home *cough blood…. upon arriving here the old gods were not aware that they brought the undead creatures know as the plague carriers along with them. For years the old gods fought the plague carriers in attempt to redeem themselves for their past sins and to protect this new planet they called home. They created a Nano-virus known as the Sar-ahlora in hopes to quell the plague carriers. This solution worked at first but, the Sar-ahlora began to adapt and evolve they no longer obeyed the old gods and began infecting the planet, slowly consuming it.

The old gods were losing the fight against the Sar-ahlora, until they created the weapon known as key of salvation, it was a weapon capable of re-writing the Sar-ahloras code and allowing them indefinitely to be controlled, however it came at a price the weapon causes huge mental strain to its user.

After getting control of a sar-ahlora, the old gods caused the destruction of the species . The old gods spent thousands of years hunting the Sar-ahlora, they hardly rested, their bodies weak, they began to go insane. They felt it is was a sacrifice they were willing to make, to prevent them from causing Alterre to suffer the same fate as their home. The old gods knew it was only a matter of time until they went completely insane, they felt this weapon would do nothing but cause a burden on Alterre and its people so they divided the device into 9 pieces and each of them took a piece to a secret location on Alterre where they lost their sanity and remain protecting the artifact.

Hear this strangers, Midgar and Dalgast are in the midst of taking this planet over, they wish to recreate the key of salvation to gain the advantage over the other country. You must stop this at all costs. You need to discover the locations on the artifacts and find them before Dalgast or Midgar. In order to collect the artifact you must destroy the insane old god protecting it. Tycon has the artifact, that was sealed here, you must go to the top floor and stop him before its to late hurry heroes."

Taking too much damage from her wounds, she dies.

They travel for the next 5 floors, but there us nothing of interest.

Top of tower: Tycon Silver is making his escape Via Airship. They were boarding when the heroes emerged at the top of the tower. Dlareme calls “Wizard!”, and they turn. Tycon eyes the heroes, but does not attack. Cenecia says “Tycon, we are with you, Death to Dalghast”, but she was totally bluffing. Tycon trusts the lie and replie, “Good, when you get back to Golbarad( Capital of Midgar) and talk to Dolgo to enlist”.
They ask “How did you defeat the Old God?” Tycon – “When you touch the Artifact, the Old God emerges. When you defeat it, the Old God can come under your control.” Vyiet: “Was it Hard?” Tycon – “I barely broke a sweat”

Tycon then more closely inspects the heroes. He sees Rock, and says “Wait, I know you. Do not go after any artifacts. You are directly linked to the Old Gods.”

He then says “I grow weary of this”. He casts an icy spell, that locks everyone in a block of Ice. He then says “Suffer the Wrath of the Old Gods! I AM THE SYNDONIAN GOD, MADROSS!” He raises his hand, and a Lightening ball rockets out. It hits the Heroes, dealing incredible and terrible damage. Everyone, for all intents and purposes are dead.


And then, Light. The heroes are in a lighted place, all together. They look around and see a dwarf. He says, “Hello Heroes. My name is Sherbert Frostbeard. I am and Old God, and you will be forced to kill me. You need to get all 9 pieces of the Key, and keep it out of the hands of Dalghast and Midgar. Your first task should be to steal back the artifact from Midgar, or to seek out another piece.”

Turning to Rock he says “You were created by Alghast, my cousin. He made you to save the world.”

He then raises his hand, and blinding light emerges, enveloping the heroes.

They reappear in Dahl, alive, but different. (Multi-class feat is awarded).

Day 4 - End of the Line

The group travels back toward Dahl. Perry, Dlareme and Cenecia have regained consciousness as they were traveling on Lanaia’s magic disc. Ahead, a small silver shiny object is seen on the ground. Lanaia uses her knowledge of Arcana to investigate the object. She recognises a large keyring, and upon lifting it up, they glow blue in her hand. It posses amazing Divine magic, and is not cursed.

Weary, the travellers arrive back in town. They encounter X-9, and he lets them know that Harp left for Midgar to speak to Tychon Silver, the High Archmage. He has left the village completely unguarded in his absence.

Vytall gives the wormroot to Vyiet, and she crafts a potion to save Rocky Gizmo. Unfortunately, she made a mistake (or did she….) and it transforms her into the Holiday Chupcabra.

Lanaia and Perry are concerned about Vyiet’s mindset. They go back to the church to consult with a higher power. They explain the situation to the priest there, detailing all of her memory gaps, and mood swings. The priest requests that Vyiet is brought to the church to receive “treatment”,The to cure her of her curse.
Vyiet leaves the chamber, apparently cured. Lanaia explains “ The entities that were possessing you, and there were entities inside of you, have been excised. They have been removed and transported to the proper places. They are back where they should be.”

Vyiet – “Why are your explanations so vague?”

Lanaia – “There are some things that are best kept secret.”

Vyiet – “ Why is there so much change in your pocket….”

Day 3.5 - Bounty Cave cont'd

The group makes their way forward toward the noise. Vytall rounds the corner, and sees ahead a soldier-like person. He is unaware of the presence of the group, until Dlareme whispers, quite loudly, to Lance “Is that one of them?”. The soldier hears the low shouts of the drunken elf, and whips around. It is easy to see now that he is more than meets the eye. Mechanical parts whirl within the monstrosity, and protrude from all over his body. Two mechanical arms are his most menacing feature, aside from the face. Now alerted to the presence of the group, he looks ready to strike. He presses a button on a device in his hand, causing an explosion in the main chamber, which damages the group, and the surrounding walls. As the dust settles, an artifact is revealed, glittering gold.

Lance calls “We cannot let them reach the elevator. If they do, it will destroy us all”.

Vyiet picks up the artifact before performing any kind of check, and it seems to have dire consequences. The artifact glows blindingly bright, slamming her in the “face” and then disappears. A flicker of change passes over Vyiet’s “face”, and an apparent battle of the mind ensues. Appearing to be, physically unscathed, she is not entirely as she was.

Vytall is suddenly grabbed by the Mecha-man, and pulled in to close combat. Using as much strength as he can muster, Vytall “hulks” out of the arms, cracking them at the joints in the process, and slams the man into the ground.

The Mecha-man leaps up, and immediately strikes out, grabbing onto Cenecia, and Viciously pulled her in, causing grievous wounds. Because of the attack, Vytalls’ mark rebounds the damage, and causes the Mecha-man the same amount of damage. This causes him to become bloodied, and he sprays acid blood into toward the group, hitting everyone in melee range. Cenecia cries out, tears streaming down her loli face, and the Mecha-man is unmoved. He, however, attempt to throw Cenecia down the hole behind him, but trips. He throw Cenecia clear of the hole, and toppled down himself. He lands in the hole that Perry and Estelle fell down in the explosion. Rock leaps ahead, and throws a magic missile after the Mecha-man, and he hits him full in the chest, causing him to explode, Old-style. His acid blood sprays the wall, and it cases crevaces to appear on the wall. Perry now has the opportunity to climb up them for ease of escape. Lanaia throws a rope down to Perry to help with the climb, and he nimbly, and deftly ascends the slope.

Vytall proceeds ahead, but does not look before he “leaps”. He steps onto a section of flooring that is covered in Glyphs. A grinding sound is heard, and to the left to the “T” corridor, a passage opens up to a hidden room. To the right, a bridge. He then gets off th the Glyph, and the hidden passage to the left disappears.

Meanwhile, Vyiet looks around, dazed. She says “How did I get here, where am I?” Lanaia replies, explaining that she had moved with the group. She then asks Vyiet about her experience with the artifact. She then changes her tune, and turns into a freakin bitch, snapping on Dlareme, and Lanaia.

Impatiently, Lance proceeds ahead, saying “Enough, we do not have time for this.” He takes the right passage. Disappearing into the darkness, a scream is heard. Proceeding with apparent caution, Dlareme, Perry and Vyiet “sneak” into the room ahead. They’re not as graceful as they think they are, and alert the persons in the room. One stabs Lance in the stomach, and then turn to the hall, running and screaming, brandishing swords. The other two in the room join the fray, and battle begins!

~ Attacks are exchanged back and forth on the front line: ~
Cenecia attempts to get into the action directly, by sliding through Dlareme’s legs, and kciks the shins of the attacker in front of her, doing damage to him.
Perry attempts to bull rush an attacker out of the way, but critically fumbles, and is stabbed in the stomach. He doubles over in pain.
Vyiet teleports forward into the room, and attacks the caster, opening herself up to attack, but gaining ground. She misses the attack, but opens room in the hall.
Lanaia cautiously moves forward, and casts a healing spell, mending Perry’s wounds.
Akta flying leaps over Perry, attempting to land on the enemy in front of him. Her leap is successful, but her attack is parried, and she is pushed back.
The Swordsman stabs with the spear, critically attacking Cenecia, and through her, Dlareme. Dlareme falls to the floor in death throws. More damage is thrown out to multiple people.
Vytall tries to get to the front by passing Perry and Akta. He is stopped because of Perry’s inability to get out of the way. Even slamming a potion into Perry’s chest did not motivate him.
Vyiet, startled, looks around and picks a target: The Mage. She reaches to grab, but misses, and falls to the ground.
Lanaia heals Dlareme, stabalizing his wounds.
Akta totally sucks, and her attacks, which are supposed to be awesome, just can’t be effective.
Vytall somehow manages to stomp wind back at the Caster. What a mountain of Manliness.
Rock casts the same goddamn spell, and for some reason it works!
Vyiet suddenly loses control, and flies toward Dlareme. She lays a hand on him, and drains his health (1 point) permanently. Lanaia assumes that she is helping, and disregards the action. She is seemingly being controlled from an outside force.
The Swordsman raises his sword to Lance, but Perry interrupts the attack, pushing the swordsman back, his sword striking the ground harmlessly.
Rock moves forward to get into range, and tells Vyiet to cease what she’s doing. She looks at Rock, and he notices that her eyes are glowing with an eerie Red. Knowing that something is amiss, he fires a magic missile at her, but is does nothing.
Dlareme wakes up, but terrifyingly screams, alerting everyone to his situation.

Combat ends, and Lance is mortally wounded. Skittering can be heard climbing up the walls. He turns to the group, blood pouring out of his wounds and mouth, and says “e need to get out of here and prevent them from escaping. It must be done at all cost.” He then removes a device and sets a timer. He then turns to Akta and says “The answer lies in the old gods”. The group then makes a hasty retreat out of the cave. A gigantic explosion goes off, destroying both the mine, cave and much of the surrounding area. Any hope of finding the “X” is gone.

Lanaia engages Vyiet in casual conversation, questioning her encounter with Dlareme, and her motivations. A simple exchange turns hostile when Vyiet’s mood changes. Lanaia does no back down. Rock steps in, trying to ease the situation, but it does not go well. She suddenly changes, eyes glowing red. She strides up to Lanaia, and presses her coinpurse into Lanaia’s hand, saying “I can be useful”.

Day 3 - Bounty Cave

We Arrive at the bounty cave at 6:00pm. Because of the sand worms it is impossible to travel back to the village of Dahl. The dark comes at 8:00pm. We will spend the night and investigate. The Sandworms will not come into the cave, as they are too big and the terrain is not conducive to their survival.

The Mouth of the cave is darkened, and we can smell blood. Peering into the cave, Yuri perceives that the dead bodies at the entrance are Dalgrast Soldiers. Cenecia uses her first aid skills to examine the bodies, and determines that they have been dead for 2 days. Also, the do not have Guidance Bracelets. Rock communicates the information to X-9, who remains in Dahl. X-9 decides to investigate the archives, and recommends to Rock to investigate further into the cave.

Vyiet examines the bodies, determining that their equipment is too basic to be of any real value. Estelle takes a short sword.

For some reason, Perry has decided to bring Gizmo along. He cannot keep his rocky mouth shut, and so the adventuring company decides to leave him as the “look-out” at the entrance. We hear the low sound of skittering farther down in the cave. We proceed farther into the cave.

Dark, damp and cavey, there’s nothing new or interesting in the mine. Yuri calls “hello” into the shaft, and the sound echoes, reverberating until we cannot hear it any longer. The skittering has not changed.

Perry consults Rock, as this is the place of his origin. Rock reveals that the mine shaft is not as long as we think, and that we’re actually closer to the end than we think. We approach a rickety bridge. It is wooden and decrepit. It appears to be able to hold approx. 500 – 600 pounds, as long as those traversing are careful. Rock has a flashback – He remembers that this active mine has much better quality bridges than those displayed today AND this flashback is from 2 days ago.

Perry traverses the bridge, and discovers the dead bodies of the Dahl miners. Recognizing friends, he takes accounts for all of the missing miners. Interestingly, the bodies are piled up, not strewn about like they fell where they died. Looking around he discovers a new hole in the cave, leading down. It appears that the bodies have been dragged up out of the hole.

The company makes it’s way carefully across the bridge. The bridge is getting worse as people traverse. Akta, who was growing impatient, decides to try her luck with a flying leap across the the span. She takes a running start, but trips as she gets to the edge and tumbles into the darkness.

Thinking quickly, Rock grabs a grappling hook and rope and throws them down as quickly as possible, and Akta grabs it. Cenecia and Rock then pull her to safety, saving her life. Estelle then plans out and executes a safe way across and the rest of the crew navigates the span. Lanaia joins the party.

Examining the bodies, the group discovers 2 Midgar Soldiers, but they are bound. It appears that all of the bodies were killed by short sword from behind. The group search for answers, discussing the by possibilities. Cenecia uses her first aid skill to examine the bodies. She determines that the Midgar Soldiers died 2 days ago, while the miners were killed 4 days ago.

Lanaia and Vyiet use a floating disc conjured Lanaia, and investigate the chasm. Vyiet discovers what appears to be a loose boulder. Using their combined strength, the move the boulder, discovering tiled floor, and a way into the other tunnel. They also meet up with those descending into the 600 ft. Tunnel. The rest of the group decide to venture forward into the tunnel. It is gently sloped making walking a possibility.

Estelle halts at the tiled room, perceiving that it is, in fact, the remnant of what used to be an ancient elevator. Rock determines that this piece of technology is over 100,000 years old. No matter what, determining the exact functionality of the technology is impossible. Using her X-9 translator, Akta analyzes a repeated pattern of text on the wall. It says “Under no circumstance open the casing”. The rest of the text hints at “Sar-ahlora” and “Handwashing”.

Yuri and Perry have reached the base of the tunnel before everyone, but are quickly reunited with the group as they leave the elevator room and carry on. Looking around, they discover another tiled room with a ‘rune’. Again, the ancient language is written, and the group can read it. Lanaia steps onto the rune, and then attempts to detect the magic of the technology. She exits the rune, and then Rock steps in, activating it. This happens because Rock was found in these mines, and it seems as though he is of ancient technology. The activation also makes a green and red button appear. Rock consults the party to determine which button, of any, he should press.

Estelle searched further into the cave, and discovers:
3 dead Dalgrast Soldiers, and an unfinished grave site. The soldiers chests have “exploded”.

The group presses on forward, and when Rock leaves the teleporter, it deactivates. They discover a LIVING dalgrast soldier, and Cenecia rushes forward to administer first aid. Akta follows closely to provide protection. Upon closer examination, they determine that his wounds are greavous, yet he is not panicking. Perry moves in to interview, but the soldier’s message is somber. “We’re all going to die down here. Even if you don’t, this whole planet will be dead”. He reveals that the Dalgast soldiers have been down in the mine for 10 days.

He then says, “Galemagus, one of Dalgast’s most powerful sorcerers (a high sorcerer of Dalgast), and his spies discovered that the Midgar found a way to fuse their blood with ancient blood in order to use the ancient technology. We were worried about this because it gave Midgar the upper hand in the war.
Galemagus discovered the Sar-ahlora virus, and that one of the husks was buried under the mine. The Dalgast soldiers then bribed the miners with the promise of never working in the mines again, as well as riches and power. Rock was left out of the plan, and kept away while the plan was put into effect. The Dalgast soldiers captured 2 Midgar soldiers and made their way down into the mine. They discovered the casing and unleashed the virus, but the it proved to be too powerful.
Galemagus then unleashed the meteor to kill the Sar’ahlora, however it didn’t have the intended effect. In fact, it killed more soldiers than the good it could have done. We ended up killing the miners. We couldn’t have them around, and we had no intention of keeping our end of the bargain, and with the meteor destroying the ancient technology, we had no use for the Midgar Soldiers either. If you’re wondering, we dragged the bodies up to try and keep the virus from spreading. The rest of the soldiers ran away, their cowardice being their downfall. I’ve been fighting the virus, barehanded, ever since.”

Taking pity on the man, yet not dropping caution, the soldier’s wounds are healed by Cenecia. The soldier joins with the party and says “Are we going forward?”. We agree, and move forward toward the skittering. He glances back over his shoulder and says, “by the way, my name is Lance.”

Day 2 -

The Adventurer’s meet and greet, then decide to go to the Bounty Cave.

Day 1 - A Chance Meeting

Adventurer`s meet in the town of Dahl.

The first night, a meteorite Slams into the Ground outside of the Town. The sky lights up with a thousands spines of raidiance. An ear piercing sounds paralyzes the people, until Lanaia emerges from the Chapel and casts a silence spell. This provides a respite form the buffet of sound, just enough time to consult with the local Authority, Harp, about what might be going on. Harp cannot provide any more concrete information. He does, however, tell them that the area is Bounty Cave. Spines of light start to fall into the town, creating puddles of liquid slime in the sand. From these pools, skittering enemies emerege, and are fought off by the inhabitants of the town.


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